Equifax: ‘This is … the big one we’ve all been waiting for’ — Breach podcast season 2

Bob Sullivan

“This is, potentially, the motherload. The big one we’ve all been waiting for.” — Ron Lieber, The New York Times “Your Money” columnist.

So begins our second season of Breach, which just dropped this month. We begin with an episode titled “Why, Equifax?” — which means all the things you think it means.

How could a company with so much precious information lose it all in what ultimately turned out to be a cascade of errors? A patch that was never applied, software that didn’t work because a certificate wasn’t updated for 19 months, an IT team that relied on the “honor system” to implement security measure. Then, there’s the biggest irony of all: Hackers broke in through the very system — the dispute resolution portal — that was designed to help American consumers fix errors in their credit reports.

But let’s back up, to the biggest question most people had when Equfax was hacked: Who the heck is Equifax and why does it have all my most intimate personal information?

If those sound like old questions, they aren’t. We have answers — along with ideas about bigger questions, like “What now?” and “Has our privacy been murdered once and for all?”

Alia Tavakolian and I have spent six months researching what many believe is the most important hack ever, along with a team of researchers and producers at Spoke Media, led by Janielle Kastner.  I’m very proud of the result and I think you’ll like it.

Breach is a sponsored podcast paid for by Carbonite; but you’ll glad to know Carbonite didn’t meddle in what say or report on in the podcast.

This season, we are releasing six episodes, one week at a time, each one about 30 minutes.  We’ll explain the history of the credit bureau industry, the run-up to the breach, the bungling of the breach response, and the individuals who are fighting back in the most creative ways possible (wait until you hear what happens in small claims court).  We are also running a great experiment with consumer lawyer Joel Winston where we try to get every credit report on a single consumer (Think you have three? You might have dozens, or even hundreds.)

Then we’ll explain why, I believe, privacy isn’t dead. But it is on life support, and we have no time to waste.

You can listen to episode one by clicking play below, if that embedded link works for you.   If not, click :

here for the Stitcher page

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